Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7 through 10, 1886

Another thing you don't just go to the store for... Sarah colors some yarn for socks. Both yarn and socks are not store bought! Next day - some preparation for butchering a hog for meat. Borrow a proper knife from a neighbor, and put hoops on a barrel for scalding the pig to remove the hair. When Lois gets sick, she gets Ealsworth pills (no idea), and a dose of Quinine. These days doctors seem to avoid Quinine! ..... followed by "one dose of Veratrum" -- still a standard Homeopathic medication today - intended for high blood pressure. They also apply hot flannel cloths. Lois recovers despite the treatments? This won't be the last odd medical treatment by methods considered to be incorrect, or even dangerous by today's standards. Note: Henry and Sarah sleep upstairs - presumably to let Lois stay warmer in their bed? This indicates they live in a two story home.

The pump freezes up on Sunday, and Omar goes to Bloods for a repair part. Just for the record, the pump would be a hand pump, probably outdoors? Bloods is a nearby community currently known as Atlanta, NY. Origin of the name seems to be unknown - possibly from a family name of the folks who ran the train depot there??? The depot is still standing today. My mother left for college from that same depot in 1944?

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