Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23 through 26, 1886

As always, click on the picture to enlarge for easier reading of original. Feel free to contact me with corrections, additional information, or comments. NEW --- I've added a map link that will help you see where things are in the neighborhood where this story takes place. Zoom out to see where Naples is located in New York State. Zoom in to see Ingleside and exactly where the Grange Hall, and the Church were. I'll add pictures and more locations as I can. Click on the Map link to the right of the title of each page. Feedback or questions appreciated!

Saturday Aunt Jayne (different spelling) goes home... she has visited several days, helping with dress making. I'm not sure who Aunt Jayne is. Henry has a sister with a middle initial of J. but she only lived to the age of 3. Sarah has no sisters by that name.

Henry mentions Omar sleeping in till 11AM. On another occasion he mentions Omar feeling "moderate" because of being out late. I'm not sure Henry totally approves of Omar's behavior??

On Sunday they go to church, which seems to include the funeral service for a George Polmateer. I'm thinking maybe they combined things because of the difficulty of travel?

On Monday Henry and Omar go to Bloods to see about selling potatoes. Bloods (present day Atlanta / North Cohocton) continued to be a major center of potato growing for many years. I can't remember the name of the machine, but a major innovation in potato sorting by mechanical means was invented there. In 1917, 30 years later, a promotional pamphlet for the area states that Stuben County is the second largest potato growing county in the whole country. They don't sell any potatos because of a lack of "carrs". Possible a misspelling referring to railroad cars? Henry makes a "bottom to sleigh". Horse drawn sleighs were the major form of local transportation in the winter. Henry has a lame shoulder for a second day. Son Cad has to be punished - no mention of what for. A note at the end of the day's entry referring to 34 cts. worth - this amount is not listed in the ledger at the end of the diary.

Tuesday Henry and Sarah go with William Blodgett and wife to visit the Charles Couleys.... I'm struck by how much visiting goes on at a time when that wasn't just a matter of hopping in the car! They go by "long sleigh", and encounter quite a bit of drifting snow. It must have been quite a gathering, because 4 other couples are there, along with a Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Elder Lawton and her two daughters. That's a total of at least 18, not including any children of the Couleys?

Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19 through 22, 1886

As always, click on the picture to enlarge for easier reading of original. Feel free to contact me with corrections, additional information, or comments.

Temperatures begin to appear next to the dates printed in the diary. (actually I just noticed a couple of earlier dates that have temperature entries)

On Wednesday the 20th, Jen gets a dress cut --- is this another dress, or is Henry repeating information from Saturday - the 16th ---- or is she picking up the dress? Sarah gets a hat - $2.00. Not inexpensive! Omar gets grist - cow feed - from Lyons Mill --- a second mill - previously they went to Red Mill. Dad suggests that Lyon's Mill may have been on the Blodgett place - just up the hill a bit from their place?

Note at end of the entry for the 19th --- "Wednesday's happenings" ... matching note at end of the entry for the 20th indicates that the information was reversed. I can't figure out why Henry writes "Mother Goose" after "Wednesday's happenings" Anyone out there got any theories? "Wednesday's happenings" sounds like it could be a Mother Goose line, but I can't find anything on Google.

On Tuesday, Hattie (Henry's daughter) and little Florence are there visiting. Florence is Henry and Sarah's granddaughter. Also visiting is Mrs. S.H. Ingraham - relative of Hattie and Harmon - can't find any info on exact relationship. Frank Marsh and wife are there too - quite a party for a Tuesday. Omar takes Nora Lawton riding till 10PM ;-)

On Thursday Sarah makes her dress, with help from Aunt Jane (not sure who this is) who came home with them from Naples on Wednesday. Aunt Jane makes button holes. This is confirmation that Miss Arnold measures and cuts fabric, and the actual sewing is completed at home. Omar and Jen shovel the road --- no plowing service I guess!

Dress making and button hole making continue on Friday. They go to a Grange fundraiser. Omar and Jen go to something at high point. Can anybody figure out that word? Looks like "surprise" to me, but that doesn't make much sense?? There is a High Point Hill, and a High Point Cliff listed as 2 of 31 Mountain Peaks and Summits in Ontario County, NY. Location Center: 42.6459°N 77.4447°W Elevation at center: 2,159 feet (658 meters) 1.8 miles from Naples, so it is in the neighborhood! Google maps puts High Point northwest of Naples.... the Olney's live about the same distance south of Naples. That puts High Point closer than Bloods (Atlanta) and they have made that trip several times already this year! Now ..... what is that word "s ----- at high point" ???????