Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1-2, 1886

You'll notice Henry will give a brief summary of the weather every day. As a farm family, pretty much all income, food, and other stuff, like heat, comes from the farm, and the weather is critical! The 4 cords of wood cut on New Year's Day, will heat their home. January 1 is definitely not a day off! Omar (24 years old), Bart (18 years old), and Mills (16 years old) are the three oldest sons. Bart is my great grandfather!

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Sequana said...

What a great idea, Don! I'll definitely be reading it. I already have it set up in my Bloglines.

My gramma Meal did a daily diary also, but hers is about 2" square!

My fave entry of hers is one that begins, "Didn't feel well this morning. Roasted a turkey for dinner."......and of course, "dinner" on the farm was at mid-day...

Also, she made a pie every morning; I have her rolling pin now.

amarkel58 said...

And decades later, your brother also kept daily track of the weather. Remember the entry on the day Wyatt was born? "June 8, 1994. Wyatt came today. Partly sunny."

Louise's Son-in-law said...

Response to Sequana -- I have my Grandmother's rolling pin too. She got it the day my grandfather proposed! I especially love that it has a broken handle that Grandpa repaired! This story from my mother's side! I also have their cabbage chopper. I had the big wooden bowl they chopped cabbage in, but it split because I displayed it beside my fireplace back in the days when I knew very little about wood.