Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 24 thru 27, 1886

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Note--- I've added the location of the school house to the map, probably the Tenney place too since Henry refers to the Tenney schoolhouse.

Another note --- Dad says the folks I've been calling the Terneys, are the Tenneys ----- my bad! I've gone back and corrected all the previous entries.

Wednesday -- Sarah and Henry go visiting again -- this time to the W.E. Weld family - Evergreen Farm. David Strong family is there, along with the T. Simons family. They get home around 6PM, and have a surprise birthday party for Omar. I assume it is a birthday party because Omar turns 24 on Friday -- Not sure why the party wouldn't be on Friday.... maybe the date I have for Omar's birthday is wrong?? The party is organized by Hattie Warren - his girlfriend, and future wife.

Thursday --- Omar takes grist to Naples. Bart and Mills cut wood. Jen cleans up from the party, and Sarah makes collars for shirts and dresses. Henry works some more on the lumber wagon -- putting springs on the seat.

Friday - Sarah and Henry go to Aaron Drakes. The Lawton's are there too.

Saturday Omar and Bart pull limbs and small poles (saplings) out of the woods, and pile them on something???? Mills goes up to Ingleside to the blacksmith, to get hardware to hang the seat on the lumber waggon (sic). Bart takes 7 1/2 dozen eggs to Teals for cash at 18 cents/dozen. - $1.35 I think Teals is the store in Ingleside?? No Grange meeting that night.


Sequana said...

Maybe the party was on Wednesday cause they were GONE on that day, and it was easy to set up. That would be my guess.

Louise's Son-in-law said...

Sounds good, but I'm not sure where Omar was that day??