Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16 thru March 19, 1886

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Tuesday, Omar takes some white potatoes to Bloods, and gets paid for the red potatoes delivered last week -- $29.85 @ $0.40/bushel. A bit under 75 bushels. He gets more than the originally agreed $0.38/bushel --- must be based on some sort of variable commodity pricing? Sarah goes to a funeral of Mrs. Eli Northrup, and to the "Donation" for Elder Lawton --- some sort of fund raiser for paying the preacher? A wedding occurs in the evening - Abigail Polmateer.

Wednesday Bart goes to work for Leicester Fox. Omar draws manure to one of the fields. Henry feels so bad that he soaks his feet, and goes to bed. Sarah joins him for a knapp (sic). Daughters Jen and Sarah quilt most of the day.

Thursday, Omar and Mills cut blanks for making shingles. Henry mends the "chaldron" kettle mentioned last week, with a piece of metal riveted in place. (I remember various pots, pails, etc. repaired with riveted metal patches when I was a kid - you didn't just go buy new ones!) Jen and Sarah go on quilting. Mills goes to meeting in the evening.

Friday, Omar and Mills continue cutting shingle blanks. They sort potatoes later while it is raining, and then go to skidding wood out of the woods. Henry and Jane Terney come visit in the afternoon. Jane helps quilt. Henry is still feeling bad.

Note that Bart isn't mentioned in the chores listed on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, so I assume he will be living with the Foxes for his new job.

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