Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4 thru March 7, 1886

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Thursday they cut and pack more ice and finish filling the ice house. All but about a half dozen cakes fit in. No idea how big a cake of ice was? Mills shells some corn, along with packing more sawdust in the ice house.

Friday, Omar and Mills get more sawdust from Clark's Mill in Ingleside. Sarah and Bart take a grist of wheat, and corn to Naples, and get 25 pound sac (sic) of flour. Sarah gets a "suit of clothes" each for Bart and Mills - cost $12 for one and $8 for the other - plus 90 cents worth of underwear, at Tobeys.

W.E. Weld comes to visit on Saturday morning. He rides back to Ingleside with Sarah and Henry when they go to visit Charles Conley in the afternoon. Charles Conley has been to the city with a load of potatoes, and evidently has money because he settles up with Henry - the 75 cents owed. Not sure what city Mr. Conley went to with the potatoes. I would assume Bath, NY. When I was a kid, a trip to Bath (County Seat of Steuben County) was still sort of a big deal. Rochester, or Corning would be a possibility, but not likely given the distance involved.

Sunday is the usual meeting in the morning and evening. Elder Lawton preaches on Isaiah 55, verse 6 - "Seek ye the lord, while he may be found". I think this is the first specific Bible reference from Henry. Henry uses Roman Numerals for the Chapter and Verse, with the number listed first..... "LV Chapter, VI Verse". I remember learning and being tested on Roman Numerals when I was a kid. I wonder if they are still taught? I sort of doubt it? I'm sure that particular passage from Isaiah is still used regularly! I remember many sermons on that theme at the Ingleside Christian Church in my own youth!


amarkel58 said...

I've been checking around...Roman numerals ARE still taught although it seems to be in a more abbreviated way than when I was in school, a million years ago...and they're taught in elementary, and rarely used after that, so that by the time kids are in high school they struggle to remember what's what. (As a mildly interesting corollary to that: did you know they don't teach cursive much any more, either? Kids mostly print, all the way up to the time that they begin to type everything on a computer keyboard.)

Sequana said...

I can't fault not teaching cursive. I was taught the old way and spent a LOT of time practicing.

Today, my handwriting is crap. *L*....So I don't think it matters much in the big scheme of things.