Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19 thru May 22, 1886

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Wednesday - They plant potatoes all day... the person Henry hired is evidently Salem Marsh (son of Frank Marsh?) Willie Polmateer helps too, and they get "nearly done" dropping potatoes. D. Weld (not sure if this is the potato dealer from North Cohocton?) brings by 12 bushels of potatoes for planting, and trades for 12 bushels of "Comforts" - a variety of potatoes grown in the area.

Thursday - Omar covers the potatoes with some sort of implement borrowed from W.E. Weld. He gets done about 4PM, goes to Ingleside to return the "coverer" to Mr. Weld along with 2 bushels of corn for Mr. Weld to plant. He gets a total of 5 shoes set on two horses - John and Molly. Henry finishes up dropping potatoes and covering around stumps, and at the "headlands" -- the area at the end of the field where the horses can't maneuver to cover the turn around cleanly.

Friday - Henry takes "Aggie" to the Blodgetts - Aggie is one of their cows? She had a calf back on April 5th - about 6 weeks ago. Maybe he took Aggie to Blodgetts for breeding for a new calf? Omar takes the rest of the potatoes out of the cellar for the season. Sarah goes to Naples. Henry pays Salem's dad - Frank Marsh - for his day's work dropping potatoes. Like Bart, Dad gets the money, not the boy! Omar cultivates berries, and Henry rolls the barley field. It is a very busy season with lots of preparing land for planting, and planting. Henry "finds some pigs this morning" - not sure what this means.

Saturday - Omar goes to Naples to Lyons and Woodruff with 25 bushels plus 48 pounds of wheat. Henry works in the grapes. Omar finishes rolling the barley and oat fields. Henry and Sarah take tub butter to Slattery & Company in Bloods to barter, and get 4 more tins to fill with butter. Henry sells the remaining potatoes from yesterday for 35 cents a bushel. They also pay off the balance on the horse they bought from A. Addams back in April - $35 - just over a month ago.... a month early on the 60 day note Henry signed.

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