Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7 thru May 10, 1886

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Friday - Jen goes to Naples to get medicine or other stuff for Mills, who is feeling better, but obviously still not well. Darwin Tyler sends his two sons (?) Fred and Howard over to get a heifer and a calf for which they pay $25.50 as agreed. This was probably arranged when Fred was here yesterday? Fred and Howard drive them home -- sort of a mini cattle drive. A heifer is a female cow - usually under a year old - who has not yet had a calf.

They move Mills to a different bed, and it "don't seem to make him worse". The Terneys had stayed over night Thursday night.

Saturday --- Omar goes on working on the oat field at Terneys. Mills is "a great deal better" today. Henry Terney brings Hattie home. Frank Simmons and family, and Elder Hibbard visit. Stephen Stanton buys 4 bushels of wheat. Mr. Sturdevant and wife also visit. A very busy day! Omar goes to Naples for more stuff for Mills, so he is not totally well yet?

Sunday - They have a light frost! Mills continues to improve. Harmon Ingram and Hattie, and granddaughter Florence staid over night last night, and Omar and Harm go to meeting. I assume Elder Hibbard is the guest speaker at Ingleside church. He and somebody named Borden come by about 5PM. More visitors - William Blodgett and wife, Julia Marsh, and somebody else (?). Harm and Hattie take Henry and Sarah's daughter Stella (5 yr. old) back to Wayland with them.... a very busy weekend. I'm guessing everyone came to hear Elder Hibbard speak at church.

Monday - Omar and Henry start sowing oats on the Terney land, but they get rained out. Omar takes John the horse to the blacksmith to have a couple of shoes fixed. Omar plows the berry patch after supper, and Dr. Fulkerson comes again in the evening to see Mills. This is quite a bout of sickness for Mills - I think this is the 4th time Dr. Fulkerson has made a house call. Henry sends a "postal" to Robert - his brother in Mansfield, PA.

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