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June 20 thru June 23, 1886

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Just another quick note --- I've added another link to the right with some pictures taken on a sort of genealogy field trip to sites from the diary - and some other things. Lou Olney, and Dave Olney - descendants of Omar, and myself - descendant of Bart - had a great time. Pictures from the trip can be seen here.

Sunday -- They stayed overnight with the Stebbins family, and went to church in Middlesex, NY the next morning. The preacher was Mrs. Basset from Shelby, NY. Henry comments that she did "very well", but "like every woman I ever heard yet, she lacked voice". I find it interesting that he includes the word "yet" indicating that he is maybe open to the possibility that a woman preacher could do the job? They see Elder Hibbard at the Freewill Baptist Conference. I'm not sure what "denomination" Henry and Sarah's church is part of, but they don't seem to have any problem associating with other christian groups. They get back home around 2PM

Monday --- Henry comments that it is his mother's 70th birthday. Henry's parents are Natheniel and Mary Mills Olney. They own a grist mill in Avoca, NY. Henry goes to Bloods, and buys 840 pounds of lime - $3.00, and some butter color for 35 cents. Mills takes the mare to be bred again. Omar and Mills take down the stone foundation under the end of the barn that they had "wedged" up earlier. Sarah and Lois pick strawberries for R. Smith. I'm not sure if they are working for Mr. Smith, or if they are picking strawberries for their own use? Henry does not record any money recieved from or paid to Mr. Smith around that time, but Sarah may have kept her own books. Her 1885 diary does record her own money records.

Tuesday --- Henry and Wesley Polmateer come in the morning to do the masonry work on the foundation for the barn. Henry, Omar, and Mills spend the day "tending" the masons. I assume mixing mortar, carrying stones, etc. The lime and sand from earlier were for making mortar. Sarah takes butter to Slatterys in Bloods, and gets paid partially in cash, and partially in trade/barter. She also gets some butter tubs from D.D.Clark in Naples.

Wednesday -- The masons work on the barn all day, with Henry, Omar, and Mills helping again. Henry tries his hand at laying some stone too. Sarah picks strawberries again.

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