Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8 thru June 11, 1886

If you are new to this blog, the paragraph below appears in every entry to let folks know some basic information. If you are a regular, I've added a line at the end about a new picture of the Olney family that looks to be about 10-20 years later than the time of the diary... link is at the right!

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Tuesday ---- Henry begins work on the road along with several of their neighbors. .... Mart Lawyer, Richard Smith, and Frank Gardner. At least part of the annual tax bill was worked off by working on road repair and building. Henry works with a team and "scraper" for 3 days. Omar helps work out Henry's bill. Henry specifically mentions taxes - "Richard Smith works out tax on Marion Place" Sarah and Henry go to church in the evening - looks like the beginning of a special series of meetings? Sarah takes rods for carpet???

Wednesday --- More road work. Will Daniels joins the group. Omar works on the fence between the Tyler place and the Olney place. Omar and Jen go to meeting in the evening.

Thursday --- Henry kills a calf in the morning. They raised and butchered all their own meat, as well as bartering and selling meat, and livestock. Omar finishes the work on the Tyler/Olney line fence. He also does some mowing, and does some work in the grapes, and in the Grove. This is the first mention of the Grove? Henry goes to Bloods train station to get Elders G.B.Fuller, and Tryon, and Elder Fuller's wife. When they get back, Mills takes Mrs. Fuller to Naples, and while there, he exchanges a hat at Tobey and Reed, and also gets the $1 owed to Henry from the mistake on Monday. According to Friday's entry, there is another meeting Thursday night, with at least four Elders. Elder's Jones, Hibbard, and Tryon spend the night with the Olney's.

Friday --- The week at church is quite important. They have had meetings for three evenings, and they go to meeting at 8AM on Friday for a business meeting, and have dinner (noon?) and a serial supper at the hall in the evening, with a sermon by Elder Taylor. (A serial supper would usually be folks traveling from house to house with different food served at each home, but since Henry says it was at the hall, it must have been more like a pot luck dinner.) This makes a total of at least 5 Elders in attendance... Tyron, Taylor, Jones, Hibbard, and Fuller. Elders Jones, Tyron, and Hibbard spend Friday night with them. More on this series of meetings on Saturday and Sunday..... next entry.

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