Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26 thru 29, 1886

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Tuesday, October 26, 1886 --- Omar takes two loads of potatoes to Bloods to D. Weld. He does not get a weigh bill to prove how many bushels of potatoes he delivered on the first load, so they try their best to duplicate the first load for the second trip to get an idea of how much has been delivered! Jen goes to visit the Darwin Marsh family with Old Molly and the buggy.

Wednesday, October 27, 1886 --- Henry lays a floor in the hog house. Omar takes two more loads of potatoes to Welds in Bloods. Jen takes Old Molly to the blacksmith (Avery) to get four shoes. Sarah is making a coat for Cad, and Mills works on husking corn.

Thursday, October 28, 1886 --- Omar takes one more load of potatoes to Bloods. Mills, Cad, and Henry, (with help from Omar when he gets back) pick cider apples and put them in one of the wagons.

Friday, October 29, 1886 --- Omar takes the cider apples to Bloods - 2125 pounds! He gets $4.25 for the load. That is about 35 bushels of apples. Omar takes another load of potatoes to Bloods in the afternoon. Henry works on mending shoes for Bart, and boots for Cad. Henry then puts a ridge board on the hog house, and trims the shingles along the edge of the roof. (Since the roof is finished, I'm not sure what the ridge board is... it would normally be a vertical board at the peak of the roof where the rafters join, but would surely need to be installed during the framing stage of the roof construction - not afterward?) Sarah goes to Naples to get dresses for Lois and Ettie.

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