Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15 thru 18, 1886

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Monday, November 15, 1885 --- Omar goes on with ditching. (Note: This extensive "ditching" that Omar has been doing over the past weeks is probably done to drain wet areas of land that they grow crops on. Henry mentions putting stones in the ditches, and there is probably a layer of soil put back over the top to make all the land usable, but with the "ditches" acting like drainage tiles to carry away excess water) Bart helps Sarah do the washing, and also takes the kids to school, and picks them up in the evening. (School does not get mentioned too often in the diary) Henry fixes a meal box for storing feed for the cattle? He mixes meal with bran for a total of about 12 bushels. Bart, Mills, and Lois go to Perry Borden's for a party. Jen goes to the party later on.

Tuesday, November 16, 1886 --- Henry works on the hog house. More confirmation that this is a two story building. Henry makes and hangs a door for the "lower part". He puts two "buttons" on the door to latch it. Mrs. S. Stanton comes by with a bird for Sarah... I presume a chicken or turkey for food? William Boggs comes by and pays Henry $3.60 for the wheat he purchased last spring. (I don't remember any earlier reference to this?) Omar continues work on the ditching, and Jen and Lois iron clothes.

Wednesday, November 17, 1886 --- Henry packs a box of canned and dried fruit for his mother in Mansfield, PA. Bart goes to Leicester Fox's and gets his trunk and clothes. Mr. Fox sends another $50 on Bart's wages to Henry, making a total of $100 paid, and a balance due of $12.50.

Thursday, November 18, 1886 --- Henry works on a door for the upper -workshop - part of the hog house, and sets some posts for the bridge to the shop door. (The hog house must be set against a steep hill.) Bart husks corn in the forenoon, and draws stones for the ditch Omar is working on in the afternoon. Henry Terney and his wife come visit and stay until evening. It is Henry Terney's 50th birthday! Henry comments that he "feels as young as ever, or nearly". Jen has spent the day cleaning.

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