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December 25 thru 28, 1886

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Saturday, December 25, 1886 --- Henry makes no mention of today being Christmas? He does mention that it is Cad's birthday! Henry also notes that Sarah has "cups and saucers enough for two". (I have no idea what this comment is referring to?) Bart and Mills spend part of the day drawing manure. Sarah and Henry go to Ingleside to check the mail. They get a letter from H.F. Waddamus, and a post card from Addie. Omar goes to Bloods and gets hats for Lois and Ettie.

Sunday, December 26th, 1886 --- Sarah and Henry, and Jen, Bart, Mills and Ettie go to church. Elder Hibbard gives a very "applicable discourse". After church service, they have some sort of meeting and organize a Bible class, and appoint a committee to draft a resolution on the death of Isadore Graves. (she must have been a prominent person in their group) They attend an evening service, and Elder Hibbard comes home with them to spend the night.

Monday, December 27th, 1886 --- Henry spends the morning visiting with Elder Hibbard, and then takes him to the train in Bloods after lunch. He buys a broom at Cornishes, and a gallon of kerosene. Bart and Mills clean up some oats, and then clean the sawdust out of the ice house in preparation for harvesting more ice for the coming season. Henry arranges with Lee Manning for him to cut and help load ice cakes at the rate of $3.00 for 200 cakes.

Tuesday, December 28th, 1886 --- Bart draws 6 loads of 15 ice cakes in each load for a total of 90 cakes. ( based on the weight of loads of potatoes and grain from earlier in the year, I would guess the ice cakes at about 100 pounds each? Ice weighs 92% of the weight of the same volume of water. A cubic foot of ice weighs about 57 pounds. Thus the cakes were probably around 2 cubic feet - give or take a bit? One dimension of course would be the thickness of the ice.) They also cut and stored ice back in late February/ early March. Click here. Mills and Henry pack the ice into the ice house as Bart delivers it. They get 5 of the 6 loads packed away. There must have been some sort of event at church this week, because they go to church in the evening to hear a sermon by Elder Lawton. They meet after the service, and examine the resolutions that have been prepared, and decide which to adopt.

(Don's notes --- I can't believe this year with Henry and his family and neighbors is almost over. I'm feeling very odd about not getting my daily dose of family history! - one more entry to go, and that one only 3 days instead of the usual 4!)

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