Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24 thru March 27, 1886

Below is a memorandum from the back of the diary that relates to the repayment of seed wheat by Bradley Graves on March 24th.

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Henry sends Omar to Naples to Lewis Brothers to sell 196 pounds of ham - 8 hams.... average of about 24 pounds each? Bigger than any ham I ever saw in the grocery store! Note that Lewis Brothers evidently takes hams from anyone. They have also taken eggs, and I think I remember butter? to stores to be re-sold to others. Evidently they weren't as worried about inspections, etc. in 1886! Note that the buyers weighed the hams to 191 pounds.... not Henry's weight of 196. They get $0.09 cents a pound for the hams - $17.19.

Another weights and measures discrepency comes up today. Bradley Graves comes to visit, and returns some wheat that he owes Henry for some seed wheat he had "borrowed" earlier. Henry measures the wheat, and finds it comes up 14 quarts short? See memorandum from the back of the diary above. Henry seems generally pretty concerned with keeping all accounts with others correct, paid on time, etc.

Thursday, Henry goes on with soap making, and Sarah and Jen do some more quilting. (not sure if this is Sarah -Henry's wife, or Sarah Henry's daughter?) Omar and Mills saw some wood after weighing out some hay for James Demmarest --- Not sure how much - the diary says 1000 CWT (hundred weight) which would be 50 tons??? I'm thinking it was probably more like 1000 pounds? 1/2 ton, but he gets $5.00 for it which sounds like too much for 1/2 ton? The soap seems to be for sale or trade to Frank Marsh. Henry also sharpens the crosscut saw.

Friday, Henry goes on with soap making, and also helps Omar and Mills cut more wood. Sarah finishes the quilt, Jen does ironing.

Saturday, Omar draws more wood from the woods, and Henry and Mills saw wood on the skidway. A skidway is a "platform, usually inclined, for piling logs to be sawed or to be loaded onto a vehicle" --- according to the dictionary. Maybe sort of a big sawhorse?

Afternoon, Sarah and Henry go to the Christian Fellowship Meeting, and offer themselves for membership and are accepted. (I find it amazing that they are not already members, though I'm not sure if this is the same thing as church membership?) They also give William Blodgett for "ch" (sic) purposes -- not sure if this is a contribution to the church budget, or payment on money owed to William Blodgett?

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