Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28 thru March 31, 1886

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Sunday - Henry and Sarah, and W.E. Weld and wife, are united with the church. Henry notes that the event of much interest to all, and the house walls are full to overflowing! I'm wondering if the "house" reference means that they met at someone's home rather than at a separate church building? Again, I'm amazed that they are not already church members in their mid to late 40's.

Monday, Omar and Mills go on with wood sawing, and also sort a few potatoes. Henry cuts and draw shaves parts to make two whiffletrees..... part of the system for attaching two horses to a wagon, plow, etc. "The pivoted horizontal crossbar to which the harness traces of a draft animal are attached and which is in turn attached to a wagon or an implement. Also called singletree, swingletree; also called regionally whippletree."
Jen does the washing, but it is too windy to hang the clothes outside to dry.

Tuesday, Old Kate (cow) has a calf and both are healthy. Omar goes to Bloods to do something for Sarah, and to pick up potato sacks, and the money for the potatoes they delivered before - $14.50. C. Waddamus comes to visit. Henry sends a bushel of apples to somebody.

Wednesday, Mills takes Old Kitt - one of the horses - to the blacksmith for front shoes. It is rainy in the afternoon, and Henry and Omar sort potatoes - a common rainy day job. W.E.Weld comes to visit, and pays $36.49 to pay off a note owed by A.G. Fowler. Henry gives him the note which he had held.. I don't know if this was a matter of buying the note, so that A.G.Fowler now owes the money to W.E.Weld, or if Weld owed Fowler money and pays off his note with Henry as an indirect way of paying Fowler? C. Waddamus stays overnight.

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