Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1 thru April 4, 1886

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Thursday, April 1st. Omar takes 33 bushels of potatoes to Bloods to sell to D. Weld at $0.30 per bushel. He does not collect the money. He gets 60 pounds of plaster from Briglin at $5.00 per ton? The plaster was put on account. Jen still seems to have a bad cold, and Henry treats her with a Sweat. I'm not sure how this might have been done - can't find any info on it except that lots of folks seem to think you can sweat out a cold, while others treat this as an old wives tale? Waddamus stays another night -- a balance of due of $1.53 is mentioned. Perhaps Waddamus is working for Henry to work on a debt?

Friday, they take grist to Naples - wheat for flour, corn for the cow, and corn and oats for the horses. They also settle up with several businesses... $23.90 to Reed and Tobey (no idea what they do or sell) and $16.69 to the Jordan Brothers (a hardware?) leaving a balance of $5.00. They get 20 pounds of nails, a pack of some kind of seeds, 2 pails, and other stuff, on account. Sarah pays up her account with the hat shop woman for $3.13

Saturday Omar burns trash, and starts spring plowing. Henry goes to the Terneys, and tries to rent a field, but it has already been let. Henry Terney says he wants to buy a ton of hay, and a Mr. Stone comes by and buys 800 pounds of hay for $4.00. (This would make the $5.00 worth of hay sold earlier 1000 pounds) Omar and Mills weigh it out -- not sure how? Henry and Sarah go to a lodge meeting in the evening.

Sunday, Sarah and Henry go to church. Omar is sick, but Jen is better - maybe the Sweat worked? Church goes well, with good attendance, despite the absence of the preacher - Elder Hibbard. The service was one of "prayer, testimony, praise, and conferring"?

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