Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13 thru April 16, 1886

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Tuesday - Henry has the family cold now, but manages to work on trimming the berry bushes. Cad is feeling better, but they give him and injection for good measure? Not sure what that means? Jen and Sarah go to Terney's to help with making a dress for Jane Terney.

Wednesday - Omar goes on plowing on the lot above the house, and also takes a load of rails to fix the fence along the road by Terneys. Mills goes on working on the berry patch, and carrying off the trimmings. Sarah goes back to Terneys to go on working on Jane's dress. Jen has stayed overnight with the Terneys.

Thursday - April 15th - I've been pretty much skipping over Henry's daily comments on the weather, but must note that it goes up to 80 degrees today! Omar takes "shingle timber" to Ed Drakes mill. Making wooden shingles is quite an industry in the Ingleside area. Henry takes some iron to the blacksmith (Avery) in Ingleside to have the metal parts made for the whiffletree he has been working on. He also has Avery fix one of John's horseshoes. Henry goes to Teal's store, and gets quite a list of stuff.... I think he is paying on a bill he already has for a whip, a pair of mittens, some tobacco papers, and a knife for Cad.

Friday - Omar goes on plowing, and Henry and Mills sort 100 berry roots to sell to the Lawyer family down the road. He also prunes some Apple trees. Henry is still feeling sick.

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