Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17 thru April 20, 1886

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Saturday - Omar goes on with plowing. Mills continues working of berry roots for sale. They've done 1300 in all! Henry is still quite sick, and just rests all day. Mills takes over the plowing later in the day, while Omar washes his buggy. Sarah goes to visit her sister Julia. Jen catches a ride with Jane Terney to the Blodgetts.

Sunday - Henry is still very sick. He manages to go to church, but gets Elder Hibbard to cover his Sunday school class. Henry describes himself as feeling "rather weak", but thinks he'll feel better in a few days?

Monday - Henry feels a bit better, but "nothing extra". Sarah and Jen do the washing. Omar is still plowing, and Mills digs more berry roots for the Lawyer family. Mr. Stone comes by and gets a half a ton of hay. Omar spreads manure on the barley field. Mills and Henry pack some more sawdust in the ice house. Sarah and Jen clean up the sawdust left in the yard.

Tuesday - Henry and Sarah go to Bloods with butter and eggs for Slatterys. They stop and get the money for the last load of potatoes from D. Weld. They also pay Harrison Briglin for 960 pounds of plaster they got a while back. Henry buys a horse from A. Addams for $80. He pays $45 cash, and signs a 60 day note for the balance of $35. He also gets a spring tooth harrow from Briglin - An implement pulled over plowed soil that has long curved teeth of spring steel, used to break clods, level the surface, and destroy weeds.

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Dave Olney said...

Great work with the historical photos and explanations of the "technology" of the day. I did know what a spring tooth harrow was, but a whiffle tree was a real puzzle to me!