Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27 thru May 30, 1886

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Thursday - Belle Pulver and Vern (?) Drake come to visit on the way to Naples. Omar and Mills clean about 30 bushels of wheat. Henry hoes the grapes between rain showers, and they also set cabbages and cauliflower plants in the late afternoon. The language would indicate that they had some way of starting plants in some sort of hot house?

Friday - Henry and the boys mulch the berries with straw, and Omar draws manure out to the fields. Mills and Henry plant some corn. Sarah goes with Belle Pulver to visit the Conleys. C. Waddamus comes to visit, and brings a "bonnet" for Sarah. The bonnet costs $3.25 - a goodly sum for the time! Henry comments that "it becomes her well - all but the price".

Saturday - Waddamus and Henry do some trading - leaving Henry owing Waddamus $1.19. Omar plows some more land to plant corn. Henry Terney comes by and purchases all of Henry's remaining corn. Henry pays Omar $5.00 for his work, and also pays $1.81 in Grange dues. He (and Sarah?) go to choir "school" in the evening. Henry washes the Democrat buggy!

Sunday - Henry and Sarah to to church today, and go to visit George and Belle Pulver and Mart and Julia Drake after church, and then stop to see Frank Simmons and family on the way back to church for the evening. Sarah has a sore eye?

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