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May 31 thru June 3, 1886

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Monday - Henry takes a grist to Naples, and also buys paint and oil at Jordan Brothers to paint the barn. Jordan Brothers was pretty much a full service hardware type place with most everything needed on a working farm? See ad from The Neopolitan Record below.
Omar plants some Snowflake potatoes - see picture below... they are a large variety of potato with only about 20 required to make a bushel! Individual potatoes could weigh up to 5 pounds!

Don's Note --- The Snowflake Potato was developed by famous American botanist Cyrus Guernsey Pringle in 1870. He was also one of three Vermont Quaker pacifists who were imprisoned and tortured during the civil war for refusing to serve in the Union army, and were later released on orders of President Lincoln! I presume his name was used for the now even more famous potato product, though I can't confirm that.

Omar also plants some beet seed and draws some manure to the fields. Sarah goes to bed with a sore eye.

Tuesday - Omar draws manure all day. Jen is visiting the Charles Conley's. Mills took her there yesterday with the horse and buggy. Henry washes the buggy, and starts painting the barn. Mills and Henry cultivate the garden with Old Moll - one of the horses. Mills also hoes in the garden, and they also take down a fence along the road south of the house. The present day road runs pretty much East/West, so I'm wondering if the house might have been on the North side of the road instead of on the South as we have been thinking? Correction from Dad - the house was on the North side of the road - I've had it wrong in my head - just assuming that the current little cabin there was in the same location as the original.

Wednesday - Omar mulches the peach trees (evidently pretty much all peach trees in NY were wiped out by a major frost in the 1930's), and then goes to Naples to Lyons & Woodruff with a load of wheat, along with a grist of feed for the animals, and 4 bushels of wheat for family food use. Henry goes to Ingleside to get some seed corn from Mart Drake, and Sarah goes to Bloods to Slatterys with 4 tubs of butter - 56 pounds at 16 cents a pound. $8.96.

Thursday - Henry and Sarah go to Naples to Granbys --- Henry gets a pair of pants, and Sarah gets a shawl. They also go to Reed & Tobeys and get a suit of clothes for Cad - $4.50 , a pair of shoes for Bart - $3.25 , and two hats - one for Mills - $1.75, and one for Cad for $0.75. They also get a hat for Jen, and some ribbon at Mrs. Miner's for $3.50. They then go to Storeys for shoes for Cad - $1.70. Quite a spending spree! No amount noted here, or in the ledger pages for the pants and shawl at Granbys.

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