Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10 thru July 13, 1886

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Saturday -- Henry pays Brother (Elder) Hibbard for the "Hearld of Gospel Liberty". This publication was first published in 1808. Henry pays $1.50 for this "Christian Paper" as he describes it in his financial records for July in the back of the diary.Henry takes grist to Naples, and goes to Jordans hardware to buy a fork handle, some horseshoes, and a pair of clinces? Not sure what the latter is.... possibly some sort of clamping or crimping device? I'm interested that he bought horseshoes. I thought Avery the blacksmith sold him that stuff, but maybe he shod his own horses and went to Avery for special stuff? Omar plows (cultivates?) the potatoes in the forenoon, and Mills mows thistles in the cow pasture. They cut some wheat in the afternoon. (it seems pretty early for wheat harvest, but they must be harvesting because they get almost $26 for wheat from Lyon's Mill later in the month.) A peddlar by the name of Williams came by and stayed overnight. They go to an ice cream social in the evening.

Sunday -- Henry mentions Williams the peddlar again, and that he works for DeLaney of Rochester, NY. Sarah and Henry go to church and Sunday school. R. Smith has evidently asked Sarah to get some change in exchange for bills from the collection plate money, but she doesn't get the change, and Henry returns the $13 to him that evening. Omar went to Prattsburgh during the day, and to Bloods in the evening. Somebody named Sue came back to their house from Prattsburgh to help with picking berries.

Monday --- The whole family, plus Sue, pick 250 quarts of raspberries on Monday. D.D. Clark takes 4 40quart crates of the berries at the agreed 3 cents a quart. (I thought the crates were 36 quarts, but these were 40 quarts.) He leaves them 800 1 qt. berry baskets.
Henry then lists how many quarts they each picked. Sue - 55, Sarah 57, Lois and Cad pick 58 quarts. Omar works for Richard Smith cutting wheat.

Tuesday --- They pick more berries on Tuesday, and D.D.Clark picks up another 4 crates. He records that Sue picked 40 quarts. (probably this is Sue Stanton --- Henry records payment of 64 cents to Mrs. Charles Stanton for picking berries on 19th of July) Omar and Henry cut wheat. They pick some strawberries for supper. Henry comments on the light rain during the day, and indicates that he hope they get some serious rain soon.

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