Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14 thru July 17, 1886

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Wednesday --- The family picks more berries until around 2PM, and D.D.Clark comes by and gets 4 more crates, but does not pay for them. Henry then heads for Bloods, and buys a couple of pairs of boots at Slattery and Company, and a pair of shoes for Ettie at Cornishes.

Thursday --- Harm and Hattie Inghram (their daughter and son-in-law) and probably their granddaughter Florence, are there to visit. Henry collects school taxes from several neighbors. Addison Harley ($2.18), John Rector ($2.99), R. Smith ($1.55), and unlisted amounts from George Drake, and J.E. Lyon. I'm not sure if this was some sort of official duty to collect taxes, or if he was just doing his neighbors a favor. I'm guessing it was some sort of official duty?

Friday --- Henry collects school taxes from James Boggs, and William Polmateer. William Weld and his wife come to visit. They pick 7 crates of berries, and D.D. Clark picks them up -- a total of 11 crates picked up, but not paid for. He also gets school taxes from P. Whiting, and Issac Drake. He continues to record the baskets of berries picked by Sue Stanton - 35 on Wednesday, 65 on Friday, and 40 on Saturday.

Saturday --- They harvest more wheat, and pick 4 more crates of berries, which D.D.Clark picks up in the evening. Omar and Sue go to Naples in the evening, and Henry and Sarah go to Lodge meeting in Ingleside in the evening. They get home quite late - 11PM. Henry mentions a heavy shower... he earlier mentioned needing rain!

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