Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30 thru August 2, 1886

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Friday --- It has rained heavily overnight, so that limits what they can do in the fields. They work at fence repair and trimming weeds around the fences. Henry helps Sarah pick another 40 quart crate of raspberries, and Jen takes them to D.D.Clark. Omar and Henry harvest some barley toward evening. Henry mentions that Mrs. Polmateer is failing.

Saturday --- Sarah is not feeling well today. She does not pick any berries today. Henry complains about his corns, but manages to cut barley nearly all day - finishing about 2 acres. Sarah, Jen, Mills, and Lois go to Ingleside - presumably for church. They pick up the mail. This indicates that they do not get mail delivery at the farm, and that their mail was held at the store in Ingleside. The set of mail boxes from Ingleside is on display in Rochester, NY at the Museum and Science Center, in a replica "country store" from the 1800's.

Sunday -- They all go to meeting on Sunday, and hear Elder Miller - a F W Baptist minister from Potter Center. (Freewill Baptist) They go to hear him speak again in the evening, and he "speaks many truths, and makes good proof of the Doctrine of Gospel Grace." Sarah "sits up" with Abigail Polmateer all night.

Monday -- They pick more raspberries, and stir out the barley to dry, and get it put up towards evening. D.D. Clark comes by and picks up 107 quarts of raspberries -- all unpaid ---- amount due on berries = $5.61 - 187 quarts total not paid for.

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