Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26 thru July 29, 1886

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Monday ---- Waddamus has been visiting since Saturday, and he and Sarah do some trading. I'm not sure what they traded, but Waddamus ends up owing Sarah 48 cents. Henry does some work on the hog pen, and weans some young pigs from their mother. Omar cultivates the beets, and he and Mills thin them - remove some of the ones growing too close together to develop to proper size. Beets is a crop I haven't heard mentioned yet. They pick three more 40 quart crates of raspberries, and also draw three loads of barley.

Tuesday --- They pick three more crates of berries, and D.D.Clark picks them up... he is up to 8 crates not paid for, with two more crates tomorrow making 10 crates - $12. The ledger entry in the back of the diary indicates that they are paid for tomorrow. Henry picks up 20 and 1/8th bundles of shingles. A little research indicates that would cover about 500 square feet. Henry stops in Ingleside at Avery the blacksmith, and gets two shoes set on John.

Wednesday --- The boys pick berries, and Omar and Henry mow the "south end of the west piece" of Barley. Henry stirs out the barley they cut, and they finish drawing the barley from the east piece. Clark comes by and picks up the two crates of berries, and pays for all - up to date. With this payment, they have collected a total of $92.92 for the month of July.

Thursday --- Omar plows and hoes in the berries - keeping the weeds down between the rows. Sarah picks 40 more quarts of berries, and takes them to Clark with the buggy and Old Moll. Mills, Cad, and Henry spend the whole day gathering potato bugs. Sarah does not get paid for the berries, so they are back to being behind on the berry payments by $1.20.

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