Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19 thru August 22, 1886

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Thursday - August 19th -- Henry hitches up a horse and buggy for Jen to go visit Hattie in Wayland along with somebody named Shultz? Grace Weld goes back home. Omar and Henry finish raking and binding oats. Omar then does some more ditching - not sure where or why? Mills does some plowing. Henry and Sarah go to prayer meeting in the evening. The boys draw a load of oats from the rented land at Terneys in the evening. Henry pays W.E.Weld for some spring wheat seed- $5.50. A total of 7 bushels at $1 per bushel. He had previously paid $1.50.

Friday - 8/20/1886 -- Omar goes on ditching, and Mills goes on plowing. Henry goes to Terneys and sets up the oats to dry. He draws the oats in in the afternoon. Slattery - owner of the store in Bloods that they trade with a lot - had come by the Terneys in the morning, and wanted to buy some butter. He offers 16 cents a pound by the tub - 25 pounds. Slattery inspects the butter they have, and they are to deliver it on Monday - for cash.

Saturday - 8/21/1886 - Omar and Mills finish drawing the oats from the field on Terneys place. They also haul away some raspberry brush trimmings. Then Mills does some more plowing, and Omar digs more ditches. Sarah is making a dress. Henry washes the buggy in the afternoon, and in the evening he and Sarah go to Lodge meeting. While in Ingleside Henry gets a couple of shoes set on the horse at a different blacksmith shop? Somebody named Snyder? Could have been somebody who worked for Avery? Cost - 25 cents.

Sunday - 8/22/1886 -- Whole family goes to church for the funeral of Millie (?) Chapman - daughter of Esther Gibbons, by her first husband. Funeral sermon preached by Elder Hibbard. He spoke "at some length on the Doctrine of the Resurrection." After the funeral service, they made some arrangements for a picnic. (see next Wednesday's entry)

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