Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15 thru August 18, 1886

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Sunday ---- Henry notes at the top of the page - above the date - giving W.E.Weld 25 cents. Again in the body of the day's entry, Henry notes the 25 cents - saying that this "makes us even again". He also notes on June 6th that he borrowed 25 cents from W.E. Weld, and paid it back. It looks like Henry, who keeps careful track of money transactions, even keeps track of who has loaned him money, and that he has returned the favor..... separate from actually paying in back. They attend church as always on Sunday - Elder Lawton preaches to an overflowing house. They go to visit the Charles Conley family after church along with George and Bell Pulver, and Matt and Julia (Sarah's sister?). They all go back to evening meeting!

Monday --- They rake and bind oats in the morning - Henry notes that the oats have dried a bit too much on the ground, and are more difficult to bind into bundles for stacking. The bundles of oats are tied together with a few strands of oats.... if too dry, the grass like strands probably break easily making the tying difficult. It rains in the afternoon, ending the harvesting process. Omar works on the north wall of the barn, and Henry writes a letter to his brother Robert in Mansfield, PA. Henry seems pleased by the rain, but it makes for extra work on Tuesday.

Tuesday --- they have to reset up the oat sheaves which are very wet from the rain. Omar empties the privy vat - undoubtedly a not too pleasant job. Omar and Mills draw stones off a field, and Omar starts plowing. Henry gets 4 new shoes on Molly at the blacksmith in Ingleside. Sarah is making a dress, and Susie and Welly Conley visit in the evening.

Wednesday --- Omar continues plowing. Sarah and Henry go to Naples for several errands. They buy a pick and shovel at Jordan Brothers, and two large baskets - one 37 quart size, and one 40 quart size. They also take one of Omar's boots to the cobbler for repair - 50 cents. Omar and Henry rake and bind oats in the afternoon. Cora Shultz and Grace Weld come by in the evening and stay overnight.

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