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August 31 thru September 3, 1886

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Tuesday - August 31, 1886 -- Sarah and Henry are still visiting in Mansfield, PA. They go with Henry's brother Robert, and his wife Mary to visit Clarence Allen and family. Robert does not stay, but the others have dinner with the Allens. They then go back to Mansfield for tea with N.A.Ridgeway at their home. The Ridgeways evidently have a microscope, and are very interested in it. They share their love of the microscope, including giving them a book called "Half Hours with the Microscope". Image from the book below.

Don's note -

Half-hours with the Microscope; being a popular guide to the use of the microscope as a means of amusement and instruction (1863) by Edwin Lankester. Published in 1863, R. Hardwicke (London) Info on Edwin Lankester here -- read the whole book here

This book was evidently very popular at the time - Published in 1853, 1874, 1907, and a re-print in 2007! It might sound strange, but it seems really cool to know a specific book that Henry owned and read besides the Bible of course. Sort of the same sensation I get reading the "Neopolitan Record" from that year!

Wednesday - September 1, 1886 -- Sarah, Mary (Robert's wife). and Henry's mother, have dinner with Uncle Raymond Mills and his wife Lydia. Henry waxes poetic about how pleasant their retirement seems to be, and comments that they seem to be aging, and he is reminded that "we to are growing old". They leave for home and stay overnight in Tioga with Henry's nephew, James H Olney and his wife. This is probably Tioga, PA as this is on the way home. They go to prayer meeting with them.

Thursday - September 2, 1886 -- They head home about 8AM, and make it to Savona, and the home of Henry Shavers. They get there around 1PM, and stay overnight. They look over his farm, and go for a drive around the area.

Friday - September 3, 1886 -- They head home about 8AM, and stop for dinner with Mrs. A.G.Fowler - not sure where she lives, (based on the timing - probably around Prattsburgh - they leave her house around 3PM) They went back by the other route through Prattsburgh, etc. on what is now Route 53, since they pass through Ingleside around 6PM, and arrive home a half hour later. (just as a note, Ingleside to their house is about 2 miles?) They are glad to be home for a rest, but learn that they have visitors - Uncle Foster Roberts and his wife and daughter are there, but seem to be out, so they can rest a while before entertaining company. --- From Dad's records -- Foster Roberts is married to Hulda Weld and she is a sister of Lydia Matilda Weld, Sarah's mother. Thus these folks are Great Uncle / Aunt of Sarah.

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