Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4 thru 7, 1886

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Saturday - September 4, 1886 -- Henry and Sarah are back home, and head off to their Fellowship meeting in the afternoon. The folks necessary to do official business are evidently absent, so that is put off. They go the the Grange meeting in the evening. It looks like the Grange must do some cooperative buying? Henry comments that he does not pay his "bill of goods" for $2.61 because the goods were "of good quality" but not in good condition.

Sunday - September 5, 1886 --- Their daughter and son-in-law - Harm and Hattie, and I presume their daughter Florence --- come to visit, and join them for church services. Stephen Stanton and wife and daughter come home with them after church, and stay till the evening service. David Weld and his wife stop by for a while too. Sarah's Grandfather and Grandmother?
Several of the young people including Bart and Omar, go to Canandaigua lake for a ride. Daughter Ettie (Sarah Esther) goes back to Wayland with Harm and Hattie for a visit.

Monday - September 6, 1886 --- Henry goes to A. Robinson's to check on when the threshing crew will be coming to his place. They tell him Thursday night or Friday? Omar and Mills are still digging a ditch of some sort. Sarah and Jen are doing the washing and paring pears for drying. Sarah goes to visit Mrs. Robert Smith, and Jen goes to visit Mrs. Frank Marsh. Henry checks on the boy's work on the ditch. Uncle Eli Weld (Sarah's Uncle) and his wife come to visit and stay the night.

Tuesday - September 7, 1886 --- Omar borrows Robert Smith's mower, and cuts the clover on the Tenney place. Uncle Eli Weld and wife leave around 10AM with some plums and some peaches. The plums are a gift, the peaches are sold for $1.50/bushel. Sarah and Henry go to see some friends from Delaware (???) but "don't find them."

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