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August 7 thru August 10, 1886

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Saturday ---- Sarah picks more raspberries. Henry rakes and binds oats. I'm assuming that the oats had been cut with a cradle - see previous entry - The cut oats would be lying fairly neatly lined up on the ground. They would be raked into small bundles, and tied -with a few strands of oats - and then several bundles stacked on end in a shock with the grain end up to facilitate drying. The bundles were called sheaves.

Henry's field would not have been this large!

Henry takes Old Molly to the blacksmith ? and finds her foot and ankle not well. He puts a poultice on her ankle. Sarah and Henry go to Fellowship meeting in Ingleside in the afternoon, and Grange in the evening.

Sunday ---- They go to church as always, and see Henry's sister Prudence and her husband Fowler there. They call on Abigail Polmateer after church - she is evidently still not doing well. They go home for dinner, and then to visit the Terney's. Jane Terney is not well, so they don't stay long. When they get home, they find Prudence and Fowler there, and they stay till evening. Omar and Bart go to Camp Meeting. I'm not sure where the Camp Meeting was, but Camp Meetings were outdoor religious gatherings with a series of people preaching, leading songs, etc. Often they were several days long with people coming from a wide area, and "camping" out for the duration?

Monday --- Henry takes grist to Lyons and Woodruff mill, and gets feed for the animals, and some flour. He also goes to Stoddard and Sons and gets some medicine to treat his lame horse, and pays $5 on his account with them. He also settles accounts with Storey Brothers, Polmateers, and Jordan Brothers, and goes to the Post Office for stationery.

Tuesday --- Omar does some plowing. Henry works in the berries, and Sarah does the washing. Henry rakes and binds some oats after dinner (noon meal) and draws a couple of loads, but finds them too green (not fully seasoned and dry). Jane sends the Polmateer boys to Henry and Sarah's for some "Cedar hemlore oil". Probably something used for medicine for Abigail Polmateer who is sick. Another young man calls on Jen..... F. Clark.

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