Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11 thru August 14, 1886

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Wednesday ---- Henry churns some butter.... this is the first time he has mentioned churning butter. They have sold/bartered at lot of butter, but no previous mention of making it. Henry works in the oat field after churning, and Omar and Mills work in the berries. Aunt Dence is still there ( this probably means she is not Henry's sister Prudence because they saw Prudence and Fowler over the weekend? She was sick over night, but seems to be better today. Omar, Mills, and Henry finish drawing in the oats in the afternoon. Henry and Sarah visit the Terneys at suppertime.

Thursday --- Omar helps Richard Smith with threshing --- removing the grain from the chaff. Henry starts cutting the oats he planted earlier in the year on the 6 acres he rented from the Terneys. He gets about an acre cut with the cradle in the morning. He changes the scythe (blade) on the cradle, and it works much better after that. Sarah goes to Bloods to get sugar.

Friday --- Omar, Mills, and Henry cut, bind, and set up more oats on the Terney place. Sarah has to go back to Bloods to get something she forgot yesterday, and she returns the pail that the sugar came in. Their world was a lot more ecological in those days, and they probably didn't even think about it.

Saturday --- Omar and Mills work in the oats, and Sarah takes Aunt Dence back home. Henry works on repairs on the Democrat waggon and on the buggy. He takes dinner (noon) to the boys working on the Terney place. Sarah visits Jane Terney. Henry and Sarah attend a baptism in the afternoon.... Eber and Ellen Weld are baptized.

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