Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16 thru 19, 1886

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Thursday - September 16, 1886 -- They go on working on the ditch. I have no idea what the function of this ditch is, or it's location. (Since they have been, and continue to be lining the ditch with stones - presumably to deter erosion - it should be possible to find it's location if we were to apply modern archeology techniques to the site. That would be fun!) Henry goes to visit Henry Polmateer and Henry Terney. In the evening, he and Sarah to to prayer meeting, where there was "a goodly number present and (they) had a good meeting".

Friday - September 17th, 1886 -- Omar goes to the fair in Prattsburgh, NY. Omar is of course the oldest child - age 24 - but he seems to be the one most likely to participate in more "worldly" activities.

"In 1884 the Union Agriculture Society of Prattsburgh, made up of local farmers and
businessmen, held an exhibition of farm and other products for a few days during the harvest
season. Encouraged by the success of the 1884 exhibit, the fairgrounds were prepared the
following year, and the great Prattsburgh Fair had begun. The grounds housed a large Fair
House, a grandstand, a bandstand and racetrack. The fair was a success, proven by the number of people who came from all around. The racetrack soon became known as the “Saratoga of Steuben,” and for twenty-five years, the Ag Society held the annual gathering. People of Prattsburgh and surrounding towns looked forward to this delightful occasion."
Above from a draft copy of Town of Prattsburgh Comprehensive Plan - 2008

Lois and Sarah are sick - maybe they caught Bart's illness? Henry comments that he has to do the housework. Bart is still home recovering, but is doing better, and he takes Old Molly and goes to Wayland to pick up Ettie who has been visiting her sister for a few days. Mrs. Miner stops by and has dinner with them. Sarah recovers a bit and is able to sit up. Mills continues work on the ditch - drawing stones with Old Kitt.

Saturday - September 18, 1886 -- Omar continues to line the ditch with stones. Mills and Henry fix the fence around the Old Orchard. Towards night, Henry takes a grist of feed for the animals, and some wheat for flour for the family to the mill in Naples. He and Sarah go to Grange in the evening, stopping by the Blodgett's place on the way. They take some peaches to Phoebe Blodgett, and to Mrs. Steven Stanton.

Sunday - September 19, 1886 -- Henry and Sarah to to church in the morning. Henry and Jane Terney come home with them and have dinner, and still till around 5PM. Bart heads back to Leicester Fox's to go back to work in the evening, and Jen returns home from her visit to Prattsburgh.

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