Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20 thru 23, 1886

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Monday - September 20, 1886 --- Henry has two hind horseshoes put on John, and a clasp made for the whiffletree at the blacksmith's shop in Ingleside. He also places an order with the Grange purchasing agent for "goods". The members of the Grange evidently formed sort of a co-op for purchasing various farming related products. Omar and Mills cut corn. Jen and Sarah do the washing. Lois is feeling a bit better, but Henry is coming down with a cold.

Tuesday - September 21, 1886 --- Henry puts up a scaffold, and Omar removes old shingles from the roof of a "lean-to" attached to the house - probably a place to store firewood and coal to keep it dry. Henry replaces shingles, and Omar and Mills go on cutting corn. Henry's cold continues to bother him. Jen goes to visit Hattie Warren - Omar's girlfriend - with old Moll and the buggy. Ira Ingraham visits and stays to dinner. Ira is Henry's sister Harriet's brother-in-law.

Wednesday - September 22, 1886 --- Omar goes to help on the threshing crew at Frank Marsh's place. Henry has a bad headache, but he and Cad lay shingles on the lean-to roof, getting the long side nearly done, and the eave trough attached before it begins to rain. Henry sweeps the dirt off the new roof. Omar returns around 4PM. (according to the ledger, Henry paid $6.40 to Edward Drake for the shingles @ $1.25/bundle?)

Thursday - September 23, 1886 --- Jane Terney sends Jen and Lois each 25 cents.... not sure why? The cows get out, and get into the corn. Henry has Omar build a fence around the haystack at Terney's - presumably to prevent a similar problem there? Frank Gardner comes by and gets a quart of milk for 25 cents, and contracts to get a quart a day. Henry is still feeling pretty bad. Sarah and Henry go to visit the Terney's till mid afternoon, and then Sarah goes to Teal's in Ingleside and trades some eggs for 6 quart jars for canning, and 28 cents change.

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