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October 18 thru 21, 1886

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Monday, October 18, 1886 --- Omar and Mills husk corn, and Henry works on repairing shoes until around noon when Aunt Catherine Weld comes by and wants him to go to Ira Polmateer's in Ingleside. He takes along a tank, and gets 5 gallons of oil at James Avery's blacksmith shop. Henry's sister Prudence and her husband Arnold Fowler came to visit in the afternoon. Omar went to Naples at night.

Tuesday, October 19, 1886 --- Omar, Mills, and Cad dig potatoes, and Henry works on the roof of the hog house, getting the rafters up and half the roof boards done. Henry sorts corn after lunch, and carries it to the corn house - about 20 bushels. Henry goes to Naples in the afternoon, with a grist of corn and wheat. He buys a pair of boots for Mills for $3.25, and gets a piece of sole leather for 60 cents for shoe repair. He returns home and continues work on the hog house.

Wednesday, October 20, 1886 --- Henry finishes the roof boards on the hog house, and trims the ends flush for the cornice. The cornice is a board along the top edge of the wall where the roof meets the walls. Omar and Mills continue digging potatoes - 105 bushels - all done but the Jumbos (?). Henry husks more corn. Ellen (Henry's sister?) came by and bought a sac of peaches and pears for drying.

Thursday, October 21, 1886 --- Omar and Mills dig potatoes - 69 bushels of Jumbos. They also cover all the heaps of potatoes but one of Callum's Superb potatoes (presumably these are the ones referred to as Jumbos? - see note below - could not find picture.)

Callum's Superb. — Excellent potato, large and oblong, smooth, regular and sound
flesh color, resembling Early Rose, with well marked eyes, very few culls

Oman and Mills draw corn into the barn in the afternoon, and also take shingles to the hog house. Henry gets the hog house nearly ready for shingling.

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