Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14 thru 17, 1886

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Thursday, October 14, 1886 --- Omar and Mills dig and pick up 75 bushels of potatoes in the forenoon. Henry husks some corn, and picks up apples. Sarah goes to visit Catharine Weld but does not get any further than the Blodgett's place. Henry fixes the hog pen, and moves the small pigs.

Friday, October 15, 1886 --- Omar and Mills dig potatoes again, and Henry husks more corn. Sarah goes to Wayland to her daughter's place and gets 28 3/4 pounds of fresh shoulder meat - pork. Aaron Putnam and his wife visit. He goes on to Naples, and his wife Adah stays to visit. She and Sarah go to Nickleses toward evening. Henry goes to Ingleside, and buys some boot blacking from Wyman Drake for 6 cents. ( 59 years before the birth of his great great grandson Donald - Me!)

Saturday, October 16, 1886 --- First hard frost of the year. Omar digs potatoes, and Mills piles them. Henry covers them - presumably to prevent frost damage? Omar digs 97 bushels. Omar and Mills draw pumpkins in the afternoon - presumably for food in those days. Sarah and Henry go to Lodge meeting in the evening.

Sunday, October 17, 1886 --- Even harder frost - 26 degrees, and snow! Bart is home to visit, and they have sweet potatoes. Henry stays home from church because of the storm, and "a tendency to neuralgia in (his) face" He notes that there was no meeting or Sunday School due to the storm.

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