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November 23 thru 26, 1886

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Tuesday, November 23, 1886 --- Sarah and Henry mend bags - presumably grain/feed bags - maybe for transporting the barley to Bloods. They need 23 bags and while they recently bought some new ones, they only have 6 new ones. Jen goes to spend the night at Julia Marsh's house. Henry gathers teasel to make ointment. Picture of teasel below. The first picture was taken in my yard in mid July. The second picture is what they look like in late November. According to what I can find, the ointment would be made from the roots.... not sure what else is added to make the ointment, but the ointment was believed to soothe rheumatic pain, and to help heal warts, and open sores on the fingers. ( I remember my Dad having lots of problems with cracked and sore hands from farm work when I was a kid.)They also put up a grist of feed for the horses and the hogs.

Wednesday, November 24, 1886 --- Henry goes to Naples with the grist of grain to be ground for the horses and the hogs. While in Naples, Henry gets his watch fixed for 10 cents. He then settles a lot of accounts in Naples with the money earned from the seasons crops.
Jordan Brothers - $31.48 - hardware items
He also buys some strap hinges and nails for 45 cents.

Granby Brothers - $48.69 - clothing
Granby's also seems to take some butter at 20 cents a pound.. not sure of the accounting - maybe 59 pounds?

Reed and Tobey - $16.20 - clothing

Lewis Brothers - $3.41 - clothing

Storey Brothers - $14.00 - shoes and clothing

He also goes to Morgans for some sundries including a sponge - 30 cents.

Thursday, November 25, 1886 ---- Henry and Sarah go to Wayland to visit daughter Hattie, and her husband Harm and their granddaughter Florence. They find them well. They get three roosters from Harm and Hattie - probably dinner tonight? The boys begin to fill the ditch - an indication that these are covered drainage ditches. They have to quit because of snow storm and they all clean about 60 bushels of Barley for the order of 300 bushels going to Briglin.

(Note - while November 25th was officially Thanksgiving Day, there is no mention of any particular celebration, church service, special meal, or other event. Similarly, no mention is made of anything special about Christmas Day a month from now??? The only special mention of December 25th is that it is Cad's 10 birthday! I wonder if their religious practices include not celebrating holidays??? There was no mention of the 4th of July either, or Easter?? I know that some fundamentalist Christian groups specifically do not celebrate Christmas, and perhaps the Olney Family traditions include not celebrating Christmas and other holidays?? Again imput is requested!)

Friday - November 26, 1886 --- Omar takes Old Kitt to Clark Avery's. Bart takes John to James Avery for new shoes all around. Henry makes "stammonioum" ointment. I'm not sure of correct spelling, and can't find any reference to it. Possibly the ointment made from the teasel he harvested last week? Bart and Henry clean and bag some more barley for the big order. Omar works on the ditch some more and gets "nearly done".

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