Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27 thru 30, 1886

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Saturday, November 27, 1886 --- Bart takes two loads of barley to Bloods to Briglin. First load goes by waggon at 2435 pounds, and the second load by sleigh - 2100 pounds. Omar finishes the ditch, and then Omar and Jen go to Naples. Omar buys a robe at Granby's for $7. Bart gets receipts for the two loads of barley, but does not get paid.

Sunday, November 28, 1886 --- Sarah, Jen, Mills, and Henry go to church and hear Elder Hibbard preach a sermon on the First Epistle of John, Chapter 4. Sarah and Henry go to meeting in the evening too. Jen goes with Fred Tyler to Wheeler Hill. (There is a Wheeler Hill Church in Wheeler, NY - about 14 miles southeast of Ingleside.) Henry notes that Omar goes to the North, and Bart goes to the South -- "They must have a change of climate in view". I'm not at all sure what that means???

Monday, November 29, 1886 --- Bart takes a load of barley to Briglin in Bloods -- 22 bags same as the first load --- but has to leave the bags because the train engine is broken. They can't take another load that afternoon. Bart and Henry clean about 60 bushels of barley in the afternoon. Sarah does the wash and Jen helps. Sarah is not feeling well. Prudie stays home (from school ?) because she does not feel well from a fall yesterday. (I think this is the only time Henry mentions his 8 year old daughter)

Tuesday, November 30, 1886 --- Bart takes another load of barley to Briglin in Bloods, and they finish cleaning the barley in the afternoon. Omar, Jen, and Bart go to a surprise party at Lou Maxfields. Sarah and Heney go to visit Frank Drake in the evening. William and Phoebe Blodgett are there too.

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