Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17 thru 20, 1886

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Friday, December 17, 1886 --- Henry says he does some odds and ends, and then puts up 2 bushels of wheat to be ground for flour for Aunt Harriett. He goes to Naples and leaves the wheat at the Red Mill. He stops at the Photograph Gallery to see if the proofs are done from the photo he had done the other day. He evidently takes the two choices home to decide because hte goes to the photographer on Tuesday with his choice. He also gets a gallon can of Kerosene and some bolts at Jordan's. Bart came home. (Not sure where he was?)

Saturday, December 18, 1886 --- Bart and Mills cut wood, and Henry sharpens the crosscut saw. Henry copies the church records from his notes into the official church book, but does not get quite done. Sarah and Henry attend the Grange meeting. It is the annual election of officers an also delivery night for the items they have ordered through the Grange. Henry pays his 60 cents dues, and $2.52 for his ordered goods.

Sunday, December 19, 1886 --- Sarah and Henry, Jen, Mills, and Lois go to church. Lois goes home with Stephen Stanton. They stay after church for a funeral service for Daniel Eldred's child. Elder Masten preaches. They also attend the evening service. Aaron Drake and Frank Simmons "have unfriendly words" after the morning service.

Monday, December 20, 1886 --- (Henry reverses Monday and Tuesday's entries) Henry puts up a grist of feed for the pigs and takes it to the Red Mill in Naples. (I'm not sure why Henry seems to have switched from Lyon's Mill to Red Mill?) He buys some drill shafts (drill bits?) from Jordan's. He discovers an error on the bill - should have been charged 60 cents, but there is 75 cents on the bill? He stops at the photo gallery to indicate his choice, and is told the pictures will be ready at the end of the week. He also buys a pair of boots at Storey's. (See the next entry for the original copy)

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