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December 13 thru 16, 1886

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Monday, December 13, 1886 --- Funeral service for Isadore Graves at the Ingleside Christian Church. Omar, Jennie, Sarah, and Henry go to the service which is read by Elder Waite, and a prayer is offered by Elder Hibbard. "There was a full house, and many were deeply moved with sympathy."

Tuesday, December 14, 1886 --- Mills does chores and goes to school. (Two things that don't get mentioned often - Henry does not use the word "chores" very often, and in fact does not mention the day to day repeated things like milking, gathering eggs, feeding the pigs, etc. Also, going to school is not something Henry mentions much.) Henry draws some firewood for (?) Polmateer. He sharpens the hand saw and the buck saw and cuts some wood. Jen does the washing, and Sarah bakes, and the children go to school. Sarah rips her old black dress, and prepares to rebuild it. They have beef steak for dinner. (another thing Henry does not mention much - the actual things they eat.)

Wednesday, December 15, 1886 --- Henry takes 4 bags of grist to Naples to be ground for feed for the horses. He goes to the Photography Gallery and sits for a photo. He is to get 12 photos for $2.00. He pays Mr. Saunders $1 deposit. The photographer will send two proofs to choose from. He pays Reed and Tobey $12 for the overcoat, and gets 10 cents worth of bolts at Jordan's Hardware. He also goes to Granby's and gets 1 yard of wigging for 10 cents. As I understand it, wigging is an open canvas-like fabric, used for stiffening and protecting the lower inside surface of skirts, sleeves, etc.

Thursday, December 16, 1886 --- Henry repairs and sharpens the crosscut saw. Sarah and Henry go to Ingleside to visit Vern Drake. Henry settles accounts with the blacksmith Avery, for $5.96. They also see Augustus Weld and his wife. Augustus is Sarah's mother's youngest brother. They go to prayer meeting in the evening.

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