Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5 thru 8, 1886

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Sunday, December 5, 1886 --- Henry, Sarah, Lois, Ettie, and Mills go to church in the forenoon. The young folks go back in the evening, but Henry and Sarah stay home. Henry comments that Omar was home for dinner. I'm not sure where he had been? Winter has set in good! Temperature is 6 below at night!

Monday, December 6, 1886 --- Henry takes a grist of feed for the hogs to Naples to be ground. He takes his overcoat back to Tobey and Reed for alterations. He looks at other coats, but does not find anything he likes better. The ledger in the back indicates that he buys next year's diaries for himself and Sarah - one at 60 cents, and one at 40 cents - from George Watrous? He then goes to Bloods and sells the beef hide from the other day to Cornish - I'm not completely sure what this entry means, but the ledger in the back of the diary indicates that he gets $2.80 plus an 85 cent barrel of salt for the hide - total value of $3.65. He then settles accounts with D. Weld - $5.00. He then buys 18 board feet of lumber from him at 2 cents a foot! He checks with Briglin on the balance due on the barley, but does not get paid.

Tuesday, December 7, 1886 --- Henry goes to visit Henry Tenney, and tries to get some lumber to make raves (One of the upper side pieces of the frame of a wagon body or a sleigh) for the sleigh, but does not find anything suitable. Jane Tenney sends 65 cents -- 40 cents for lard, and 25 cents she had borrowed. Omar comes by in the afternoon on the way to Naples, and takes the Democrat waggon and horses, and brings home the grist from the mill. Henry pays Omar $5 on what he owes him. (More evidence that Omar is staying somewhere else??)

Wednesday, December 8, 1886 --- Henry goes to John Nickles to check on wood for the sleigh raves. John has suitable oak, and Henry buys 20 feet at 2 cents a foot. Henry then finishes banking the house for the winter, and also banks the south end of the barn, and puts a roof over the banking material? Jane Tenney comes by and Sarah cuts pieces for a dress for her. Mart Lawyer comes by and borrows a big kettle.

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