Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9 thru 12, 1886

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Thursday, December 9, 1886 --- Henry makes the rave for the long sleigh from the wood he bought from Nickles yesterday. He also puts a roller in the sleigh, but I'm not sure what that is? Sarah and Henry to to prayer meeting in the evening.

Friday, December 10, 1886 --- Henry continues working on the sleigh, putting the "tung" in it. I presume this is the piece on the front to attach to the horses? They have some visitors - Charles Conley and his wife Susie and Mary Vantuyl (sp?). Henry heads for Bloods to meet Jen part way and bring her home. There is a "donation" for Elder Hibbard. (a donation is a sort of fund raiser event - usually to raise money for the minister?) Henry has a fine time, and there is a good turnout! They raise $104 - a goodly some. Henry gets paid by Briglin for the barley - $169.84. Henry pays $1.40 on his school taxes.

Saturday, December 11, 1886 --- Henry goes to Avery's to pick up Brother J.D. Childs. Elder Hibbard and his wife stayed overnight with Henry and Sarah. They have quite a group over for dinner. In addition to the Hibbards, and Brother Childs, Frank Simmons and his wife, and Stephen Stanton and his wife and brother, and Sister Tenney (Jane?). Henry says that Elder Childs stays overnight. (I had thought that "Brother" and "Elder" were different terms, but Henry refers to Mr. Childs by both terms?) Henry pays Omar $135 on the Note. I presume this is Omar's wages. Henry gets 50 cents back on his school taxes from Owen Pressler because of an error on the school books.

Sunday, December 12, 1886 --- The Sunday service is led by Elder J.D.Childs. Sarah, Henry, Bart, and Mills go to church in Ingleside. Isadore Graves is buried today, but the funeral service is tomorrow morning at the church. They go to visit Sister Hibbard after the service. She is at the Tenney's where she stayed this morning because she was feeling ill. Elder Childs preaches again in the evening.

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