Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18 thru July 21, 1886

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Sunday ---
Sarah, Lois, Ettie, and Mills go to church. (The younger kids don't seem to ever be mentioned as going to church. I wonder if they go, or stay home?) Bart stops by and gets his boots - I guess some of the boots Henry bought last week were for Bart? Sarah and Henry to to Blodgetts for dinner, along with Elder Hibbard, and Ellen Weld. Harrison Briglin is there too. Elder Hibbard comes home with them and stays overnight.

Monday --- Henry takes Elder Hibbard to the train on Monday, along with a gift of a crate of berries. Henry picks up three empty crates at the Lackawana Depot. They pick a lot of berries on Monday.... Sue Stanton picks 84 quarts! Probably a lot of berries ripened on Sunday even though they would not have picked on Sunday! D.D.Clark picks up 5 more crates of berries, and they pick 4 more crates after he leaves. With the crate for Elder Hibbard, that makes a total of 400 quarts of berries picked in one day! (a bit of research yields the information that each foot of a row of berries would yield about a quart of berries for the season?) Henry notes that Clark owes him for 20 crates not paid for at this point.... 800 quarts - $24.

Tuesday --- They finish picking berries in the "old part of the field", and have 5 40 quart crates of berries, and a 32 quart crate. Omar plows/cultivates the potatoes. Sarah and Sue do some laundry. D.D.Clark takes two crates of berries, but says the rest are too soft (over ripe) to ship. Omar takes 136 quarts of the "soft" berries to Clark's place for drying. Omar also takes a rake tooth to Hatches for exchange.

Wednesday -- Omar and Henry cut some barley in the field above the house, and also harvest some wheat in the forenoon. Omar plows/cultivates potatoes in the afternoon. Henry and Sue Stanton pick more berries. Devillo Clark (first mention of what one of the "D's in D.D.Clark stands for) Henry is up to 27 crates not paid for - $32.40 minus the cost for Clark to dry the 136 quarts of over ripe berries.

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