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July 22 thru July 25, 1886

As always, click on the picture to enlarge for easier reading of original. Feel free to contact me with corrections, additional information, or comments. Click on the map link to the right of this entry to see more about where places are. Other information can be checked out with the links to the right. My most recent added information is a link to the financial ledger entries in the back of the diary - links to the right of this. Some of the information just confirms diary entries, but sometimes additional information can be gleaned - like my discovery below that Sue - who has been picking raspberries for them - is actually Sarah's niece.

Thursday --- Berry picking and selling continues. Sue picks 50 quarts today. Devillo Clark comes by and gets 140 quarts of berries. - Two 40 quart crates, a 32 quart crate, and an extra 28 quarts. He paid $15 owed on berries, and still owes Henry $24.10. Henry calls him Devillo Clark again instead of D.D. Clark. I'm wondering if this reflects how far behind he is on paying for the berries? Omar plows potatoes. Mills, Cad, and Henry pick potato bugs. If you are new here, I've posted the picture of a potato bug below. Organic farming before there was such a thing!
They cut barley in the afternoon.

Friday --- Sue picks 28 quarts of berries in the morning, working with Sarah and Lois to finish 2 crates of berries for Mr. Clark. In the afternoon the three of them go to visit daughter Hattie in Wayland. D. D. Clark picks up the two crates of berries, and pays Henry for all the past berries. Note the name goes back to D.D.Clark??? (The same name usage is reflected in the ledger portion of the diary - Devillo when he owes him quite a bit of money, and back to D.D. when he gets paid up later in the month.) Omar and Mills draw wheat in the morning, and Henry "stirs" the barley cut the day before --- raking and piling it to speed drying. They draw the barley in the afternoon in the field south of the berries. Sarah, Sue, and Lois have stayed overnight at Hattie's in Wayland.

Saturday ---- The ladies return from Wayland, and Sue picks 12 quarts of berries to take home. Jen takes her home in the afternoon. I just noticed in the ledger part of the diary that Sue is Susan Jane Hill (She is Sarah's niece - youngest daughter of Sarah's oldest brother Harvey Hill ) - not Sue Stanton as I had previously thought. Evidently Sue Stanton also picked berries ( she gets paid $0.64). Susan Hill gets paid $2.45 plus 12 quarts of berries for herself. Omar and Mills work in the potatoes. Henry goes to Naples and turns in the school taxes he collected earlier to Trustee Tyler. He takes a grist to Lyon's Mill, and gets paid for the wheat he has been delivering to them... $25.63. Their friend Waddamus comes to visit and stays over till Monday.

Sunday --- Henry comments again on the lack of rain -- it looks cloudy and rainy today, but "don't rain". They all go to church and get home for dinner around 3PM. Bart and his friends Robby Stanton and J(ames?) Merritt join them for dinner. This is the first time Bart has been mentioned in a while. Henry bought him a hat a while back, but otherwise not much mention since he went to work for Leicester Fox back in mid March. If you are new here, Bart is my great grandfather. Henry mentions that Jen has stayed over in Prattsburgh after taking Sue Hill back home.

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