Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24 thru 27, 1886

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Friday - September 24, 1886 --- Omar and Mills put the cows out to pasture on the Terney place (this explains why they built a fence around the haystack a few days ago.) Then they plant raspberry tips, and Omar sharpens some fence posts. Henry, with Cad's help, finishes shingling the lean-to part of the house - probably used as a wood shed to keep the wood dry for heating the house. Sarah is sewing, and Jen is doing the wash. Henry says he is still quite sick.

Saturday - September 25, 1886 --- Omar goes on sharpening fence posts, and Mills goes on planting raspberry tips. Lois is mopping, Sarah is sewing, and Jen is "changing things up around". I've no idea what that means. Henry is still sick, and does not do much except dig some borers out of the apple trees. Sarah and Henry go to Ingleside in the afternoon to the cemetery meeting. Sarah takes some peaches to Phoebe Hill. Henry gets a letter from his daughter Hattie in Wayland telling him that Florence (his grandaughter) is very sick with diarrhea.

Sunday - September 26, 1886 --- Sarah and Henry go to Wayland to visit Hattie, Harm, and Florence. Harm is sick with the diarrhea thing too. Florence (2 years old) is very sick, and Henry uses the phrase "she may rally". The Doctor has told them she will be OK if nothing more serious sets in? Ellen (Henry's younger sister) has sent along some pills.

Monday - September 27, 1886 --- Sarah has stayed over in Wayland to take care of Harm, Hattie, and Florence. Henry goes home and takes a bushel of Crawford peaches to the Avery's.
Henry says he is feeling better, but does not feel much like working. Frank Simmons comes by and orders a bushel of peaches. C. Waddamus comes to visit and stays overnight. Henry and Mr. Waddamus don't do any trading?

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