Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28 thru October 1, 1886

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Tuesday - September 28, 1886 --- Omar and Mills go on fixing the fence - presumably the one the cows got out through a few days ago? Henry and Sarah go to Wayland to check on his daughter Hattie, husband Harm, and granddaughter Florence who were very sick. Florence is feeling better, and Harm is still sick, but much better. They return home to find that Frank Simmons and his wife had been there and got a half bushel of peaches, and had left just before Henry and Sarah got home. Henry works some on the road work that he does in lieu of taxes. Waddamus stays overnight again, and he and Henry do some trading. Waddamus gets a bushel of peaches, and Henry gets a pair of suspenders, and one necktie? Waddamus must be a traveling peddler?

Wednesday - September 29, 1886 --- Henry finishes his roadwork, and comments that Mrs. Lawyer, and Robert Smith still have some roadwork to complete? Henry goes to Bloods, and takes Jen to help Aunt Fanny for a few days. He buys a half pint of butter color from H.C.Pierce for 35 cents. He goes to see D. Weld about some boards for the fence, but he doesn't have any. He also sends his sister Prudie a letter about the peaches he has.

Thursday - September 30, 1886 --- Sarah goes to Wayland to check on Harm and Hattie and Florence, and finds them all doing better. Henry is not feeling to well again (or still) but still manages to put a window in the end of the barn. Omar and Mills dig 26 bushels of potatoes, and continue the fence repairs.

Friday - October 1, 1886 --- Omar and Mills continue digging potatoes. Susie Conley, Susan Hill (Sarah's niece), and Florence Addams come to visit. Henry picks a bushel of peaches and takes them to Stephen Stanton. He sells 1/4 bushel of peaches to Florence Addams, and a bushel and a half of Crawfords to D.D. Clark. Prudence Fowler comes by and gets a half bushel of peaches. Henry has sold a lot of peaches. Seems like peaches must not be too common in the area because Henry is selling them to a lot of his neighbors..... not shipping them off to other areas by train like the raspberries.

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madmike said...

interesting fact here concerning the peaches. It is october and Peaches are usually harvested in the summer.