Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2 thru 5, 1886

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Saturday, October 2, 1886 -- Omar and Mills dig potatoes. Henry goes to Naples with a grist of old corn (last year's crop) for the old sow, and 4 bushels of feed for the cows and horses, and 2 bushels of wheat for flour for the family. (Sounds like a lot of flour, but remember they are making bread, cake, cookies, etc. for 12 people plus lots of guests.) Sarah and Henry go to fellowship meeting in the afternoon, and take tea with Brother William Borden - probably a visiting preacher. They go to Grange meeting in the evening - "full meeting and interesting."

Sunday, October 3, 1886 --- Omar, Bart, and Mills walk to Ingleside to church. Sarah and Henry drive a buggy with John (horse). Elder Hibbard preached a good sermon on the last chapter of Ecclesiastes. (Fear God, and keep his commandments; for that is the whole duty of everyone" (12:13).) Uncle Augustus Weld (Sarah's uncle) and wife Mary, and Charles Conley and family come home with them for dinner. Charles Conley pays $4 he owes Henry. In the evening Henry and Sarah go to church.

Monday, October 4, 1886 --- Henry picks and crates a bushel of peaches to send to his brother Robert in Mansfield, PA. He takes John (horse) to Ingleside for two shoes, and gets a ring put into the clasp on the whiffletree. (I've put a picture of a whiffletree on here before, but here it is again - also called a swingltree or a singletree .... a pivoting system for hitching horses to buggies, wagons, plows, etc.)
Henry takes the peaches to Bloods to the train depot to ship to Mansfield for his brother.... cost to ship them - 60 cents. He also buys some lumber from D. Weld, and a basket from Cornishes. Sarah does the wash, and Ettie is helping Julia Marsh.

Tuesday, October 5,1886 --- Henry goes to Naples to the mill for grinding his grain for animal feed. He buys 6 two quart jars at J. Doughty's. He then goes to Bloods with a half bushel of peaches for D. Borden, and buys some lumber from D. Weld. Henry has D. Weld credit him with $1.50 from D.D.Clark's account. Account of lumber transaction in memo section of diary - see picture below. This lumber purchase information is evidently carried over from yesterday. (click on picture for bigger easier to read version)

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