Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10 thru 13, 1886

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Sunday, October 10, 1886 --- Sarah and Henry go to church in the morning and the evening. They go home with W.E.Weld after the morning service. Preaching at both services by Elder Childs. Henry declares both sermons "very good", but "in some respects a little short of that clearness and definite style usually adopted by him." Emphasis mine - Henry has some "clear and definite" ideas about all things religious - a trait passed on to his descendants. Omar takes Susie Conley on a drive to George Pulver's. (a date?)

Monday, October 11, 1886 --- Sarah does washing in the forenoon. Henry is not feeling well, but along with Omar and Mills, they work on the siding for the hog house. They get the north side, the east side, and the upper part of the west side done. Sarah takes some peaches to Bloods to Slatterys, and balances the accounts with them. Henry notes that Addamus did not give them a receipt, but did "tear the bill to pieces". Sarah also takes a half bushel of peaches to D.D.Clark who pays her for them.

Tuesday, October 12, 1886 --- Sarah goes to Wayland to visit Harm and Hattie and granddaughter Florence. She finds them well - recovered from their recent illness - and she bring Lois home. Omar and Mills dig potatoes all day, and Henry takes 213 feet of lumber to Griswold's mill, and has it planed and matched for a total cost of 64 cents. He visits "Asel"(?) Tyler to get money for his sister Prudence Fowler, but he is not at home. Henry goes home and continues work on the siding for the hog house.

Wednesday, October 13, 1886 --- Henry finishes the siding, and cuts "ganes" in the plates for the rafters. Omar and Mills dig 108 bushels of potatoes, and pile them for drying. Henry goes to Bloods and gets 213 feet of Hemlock lumber at $1 per hundred feet, and put it on account. He also took a sample of his barley to Briglins, and shows it to Booon, but they are not buying barley.

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