Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6 thru 8, 1886

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Wednesday - October 6, 1886 --- First light frost! Omar and Mills dig potatoes in the forenoon, and dig out an area for foundation for a new hog house in the afternoon. Henry has laid out the position for the hog house and gets the abutments partially laid. I suspect abutments would be masonry or stone corners to support the wood structure? Omar and Mills draw the lumber for the frame to the site.... possibly the lumber Henry bought a few days ago? Sarah takes 1/2 bushel of peaches to Mrs. Darwin Marsh and gets 75 cents for them. Henry has 4 new shoes put on Old Kitt - one of the horses. Ettie returns home from somewhere?

Thursday - October 7, 1886 --- Omar, Mills, and Henry frame up the hog house. Omar and Mills then pick apples in the "old orchard". Henry goes on working on the hog house till nearly dark, and then he and Sarah go to prayer meeting. Henry buys a box of matches from Wyman Drake for 6 cents. He also gets a "postal" from his brother Robert, and another from his sister Prudie. The post office was in Ingleside - the original post office boxes are in display at the Rochester Museum and Science Center in Rochester, NY.

Friday - October 8, 1886 --- Omar and Mills store the apples in the cellar, and then draw some scantling for the frame of the hog house. (Scantling is an old term for what we would currently call a 2x4 - used as a stud or rafter in framing.) Sarah goes to Bloods and sells a half bushel of Blood Peaches to Slatterys for $2 per bushel... the Crawford peaches sell for $1.50/bushel. (Blood peaches have a more reddish color to the skin and fruit.) Henry finishes framing the hog house, and gets part of the siding on. Omar goes to Naples, and takes 72 cents to pay Doughty for the canning jars, and buys 6 pounds of 30 penny nails. (a 30 penny nail is about 4 1/2" long)

Saturday - October 9, 1886 --- Henry finishes siding the hog house. Omar and Mills draw corn to the barn in the forenoon, and Omar goes to the Fair in Naples in the afternoon. Sarah has some sewing to do, so Henry and Sarah do not go to the Fair, but they go to Ingleside in the evening to a "Special". I have no idea what a "Special" is?? Omar goes to Charles Conley's in the evening. After a light frost on Wednesday morning, it goes up to 78 today! (Good old upstate New York weather)

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